Car Theft Tech

There are various precautions vehicle owners can take to deter criminals from targeting you. You can find many gadgets and gizmos on the market today and here are a few that we think are worth a look:

Driveway Security Bollards

There are hundreds of these on the market from your basic removable style. Right up to some Thunderbirds kind of gizmo that rise up from underground. Either way, here at Redditch Car Keys we think they are a pretty good investment.

Steering Wheel Locks

These beauties are the second line of vehicle defence against car theft after your alarm. Again you can get a good steering lock at a good price. You can also go all out and pay loads for a really hi tech steering lock. No matter what you prefer to spend they are a clever option to defend your car against crime.

Signal Blocking Containers

With KEYLESS CAR THEFT on the rise also known as RELAY THEFT criminals are able to use an amplifier of sorts to bounce the signal from the key fob in your home in order to gain access to and make off with your vehicle. Its recommended that vehicle owners purchase a signal blocking container or pouches or containers. Redditch Car Keys would also recommend keeping all car key fobs away from windows and doors and out of sight whenever possible.
With technology like this in the wrong hands it is even more important that vehicle owners are alert and on guard at all times.